Your membership, your vote

You have a vote in any major decisions that could affect your financial stability. YOU elect the volunteer Board of Directors.

Field of Membership

All sworn Law Enforcement Officers who work in the state of Alabama.

Applying for membership with ALLECU is fast, easy and secure with our online application.  If you are currently a sworn officer or an immediate family member of a sworn officer, of any branch of law enforcement in the state of Alabama, click below to join and become part of a growing community created to provide financial services to our law enforcement officers or call (205) 583-4632 for more information.

Benefits of Membership

We value our members and think it is important to review the many benefits available to them:

  • Credit unions typically pay higher yields on savings and certificates compared to commercial banks, and accounts are federally insured.

  • Loan rates are generally lower than those elsewhere.  Consider refinancing bank and credit card balances at ALLECU to save money.

  • Credit union service fees are often lower than fees charged at other financial institutions for similar services.

  • Credit unions still make small, unsecured loans.

  • Credit unions have robust websites which allow you to obtain information and do our banking and bill payments online.

  • Credit Unions are member-based, non-profit organizations.  When you join, you become a member-owner and can participate in electing the Board of Directors.  All members have an equal vote, no matter the amount of money in their accounts, or the number of services used.

  • Profits are returned to members in the form of attractive savings, loan rates, or through expansion of services.

  • Membership with ALLECU is a lifetime benefit.  You can remain a member even if you move or change jobs.

  • Your immediate family members are also eligible for credit union membership.  Encourage them to join the credit union so they may enjoy the same benefits.

Terms of Membership

Once you are a member of Alabama Law Enforcement Credit Union, you are always a member; therefore we have a large number of retired personnel who continue to utilize our services.

Apply for membership with ALLECU by clicking here: